Back to UK Counter-Strike for 2016

by Kalvin Chung / Feb 10, 2016
Back to UK Counter-Strike for 2016

The line up known as CurseTheseMetalHands joined MnM after Insomnia 55 in September and showed promise as a team and had respectable results at both epic.LAN and Insomnia 56, however on Jan 28th 2016 the team disbanded due to external factors and we sadly said goodbye to the team. The team were great and we wish the players all the best in the future.

I was very reluctant to move into UK CS again, the previous line up were great guys and vertiGo is a good friend who I trust very much. It was daunting finding a new team who I thought would represent us well but I am glad to have spoken to All4 and that they are happy to move forward with us.
KalKal – Founder | Twitter

Originally we were uncomfortable with moving back into UK CS until we were in talks with Luke fearLess Morris from the recently disbanded EZSkins line up and playing in the current All4 team who came 8th in UKCSGO’s Top 10 January. The talks went well and both parties were happy to go ahead with All4 joining MnM as our Counter-Strike UK team.

Unfortunately due to timing, the team have missed out on both the CEVO and ESEA seasons however still look to make an impact online and offline in the coming Insomnia 57 next month.

The team’s most recent achievement was finishing 5-6th at Insomnia 56 in December, however with the disbandment of EZSkins and the joining of fearLess the team looks to continue their strong performance. fearLess played for the previous EZSkins line up who had much success as a team, one such example having won the Gfinity UK Championship.

We’re happy to be joining the ranks of MnM, we were on the lookout for a stable organisation that would be able to give us the platform we needed to succeed, MnM have definitely been able to give us what we were looking for. We feel this partnership will be beneficial for both parties as we aim high in the UK scene and look forward to playing in as much CS as we can. Thanks to Kalvin and MnM for giving us the opportunity to represent them.

A few of his personal achievements:
1st – Gfinity UK Championships
1st – Dreamhack London UK Qualifier
1st – Multiplay i55
5/6th – Dreamhack London

I spoke to the IGL Elliot “EB” Bidmead about his thoughts on joining the organisation:

After the dissapointment of recent events we are excited to have finally joined a professional and stable organisation in Molotovs and Marshmallows. In 2016 we will be attending as many offline events as possible and also competing in online competitions. Our first tournament will be Insomnia 57 in March. With the support of MnM we are looking forward to achieving our goals.

The line-up is:
Elliot EB Bidmead | Twitter
Max maxyB Bidmead | Twitter
Henry chron1c Thornton
Luke fearLess Morris | Twitter | Twitch | Facebook
Elliot BeRTY Towse-Bertram | Twitter

Image taken from Dreamhack’s flickr here: