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by Daniel 'Javelin' Chung / Jul 17, 2015
epic.15 Coverage Hub

As some of you may know we have a team representing MnM at epic.FIFTEEN. The addition of the MnM mix team has brought the total number of teams up to 16 15 simultaneously increasing the prize pool to £1,500 £1250. The team consists three of our core CS:GO UK team members;

  • Tom “vertiGo” Rockliffe
  • Ben “b3n” Wood
  • Roma “aqua” Parramore

and two seasoned CS veterans;

  • James “redSNK” Littlewood of Infused
  • Alexandru “kinder” Bica

The Tournament

Day 1

Group D
Team Played Won Lost Points
Molotovs and Marshmallows 3 3 0 9
Defiled Gaming 3 2 1 6
27in1.com 3 1 2 3
Bye 3 0 3 0

The first day sees the Counter Strike tournament going through the Group stages in a round robin BO3 format. There are four groups with teams sorted according to their seeding. Click here to view the Groups and Standings.

MnM’s first game saw them scoring 16-5 on Overpass and 16-14 in a close game on Cobble against 27in1.com . In the final game of the group stage MnM will play against Defiled Gaming with the maps reportedly vetoed down to Cache, Train and Cobble. The games ended up as 16-11 and 16-5 in favour of MnM Gaming. We now advance to play-offs.

This article will continue to be updated as the event progresses to keep you informed with the latest scores and happenings with MnM at epic.FIFTEEN.

Watch live video from epicLAN1 on www.twitch.tv

Update 11:00 GMT +1 17/07/2015
As one team had dropped out this meant the prize pool would not be brought up to £1,500. The prize pool is now £1250 and 3rd place will no longer receive any prize money.

Update 19:30 GMT +1 17/07/2015
We will be playing against EZSkins.Mix/Fish123, who have just recently lost to Benkofk’s team to finish second in their group. This will be a tough match as we will be playing against the likes of weber and kryptix. Game will be streamed at 20:00 GMT +1

– First Map is overpass with a final score of 18-21 Overtime in favour of EZSkins.Mix/Fish123
– Second Map is DD2 where we unfortunately lost 16-13 after we started CT side2015-07-17_00006

Update 8:00 GMT +1 18/07/2015
We are in the lower brackets against All4 at 11:00 GMT +1. Brackets here.

Update 13:00 GMT +1 18/07/2015

MnM go onto a third map against All4 taking 5 rounds to 16 on Cache and 16 rounds to 4 on Dust 2. The final map will be starting soon on Cobble where a loss will mean that MnM will be out of the tournament. Details including GOTV links can be found here

Update 13:30 GMT +1 18/07/2015

MnM win the final map 16-4 against All4 winning the Lower Bracket Quarter Final 2 maps against 1. MnM will go on through to the Lower Bracket Semi final where we will face either CAZ Esports or Curse These Metal Hands. Brackets can be found here

Update 15:20 GMT +1 18/07/2015

MnM are to face Curse These Metal Hands in the Lower Bracket Semi Final. The first map to be played will be Cobble followed by Dust 2 and if necessary the third map to be played will be Overpass. Find more details on the match page here.

Update 19:00 GMT +1 18/07/2015

MnM faced some close games against Curse These Metal Hands losing 11 rounds to 16 on Cobble. However we managed to take Dust 2 leading to a final game on Overpass. Once again the game was very close with MnM taking 16 rounds to 13. We now face Choke Gaming in the Lower Bracket Consolidation to earn the chance to battle it out for the runner up place.


Update 12:40 GMT +1 19/07/2015

With the event here drawing to a close here at Kettering we are happy to announce that the MnM team has managed to take 4th place. The Games against Choke Gaming were intense and very close indeed. Unfortunately we weren’t able take the last crucial rounds giving two maps to Choke Gaming and taking a solid 4th place finish. Final Standings can be found here.

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