epic.LAN 16 Coverage Hub

by Daniel 'Javelin' Chung / Oct 02, 2015
epic.LAN 16 Coverage Hub

We recently announced our reshuffled CS:GO team (vertiGo, BenkofK, quiver, Boaster, mortism) who are attending epic.LAN this coming weekend. A total of 16 teams featuring some of the best players the UK has to offer will be competing to win £1500. The attending teams have been given the following seedings that seem to be based of team performances from i55.

  1. Choke Gaming
  2. Team Infused
  3. Perilous.CSGOBolt
  4. Reason UK
  5. Molotovs and Marshmallows
  6. East x West
  7. gamevives
  8. Rasta.EZFRAGS

For more information about the tournament regarding results and standings click here.

To watch the streams click here.

Day 1

Day one of epic.SIXTEEN sees the tournament start off in its group stages with the day ending after the commencement of the double elimination stage.

Match 1: Molotovs and Marshmallows Vs. Armchair Athletes

  • Map 1: de_cache. Full time: 16-11
  • Map 2: de_inferno. Full time: 16-11

Match 2: Molotovs and Marshmallows Vs. Aze

  • Map Score: 2 – 0

Match 3: Molotovs and Marshmallows Vs. Choke Gaming

  • Map 1: de_inferno. Full time: 2 – 16
  • Map 2: de_dust2. Full time: 12 -16

At the end of the group stages MnM have placed second in Group A and have qualified to go through to the double elimination stage. To see the group standings click here.

MnM will face Reason Gaming (match details here) in the Upper Quarter Finals of the tournament and is set to be an intense game with both teams predicted to be closely matched.


Day 2


Upper Quarter Final

Molotovs and Marshmallows


Reason Gaming UK

The matches between MnM and Reason were very close with many rounds being decided on close calls. On de_dust 2 Reason started with a very strong T side exploiting mid control to B finishing the first half 13 rounds to 2. The MnM side answered back to the large round gap and manage to close it down, however they were unable to follow through finishing with 10 rounds to 16 and conceding the first map to Reason.

Despite starting on the CT side, de_overpass did not look convincing either as the MnM side struggled to capitalise on crucial rounds getting caught out by Reason’s well executed strats ending the first half 4 rounds to 11. However the MnM team started to pick up the moment after picking up the pistol round and bringing on a 10 round win streak. The game was tense when the scoreboard reached 14-14 with both sides having exhausted economies and both sides knowing that the winner of the 29th round would likely win the game. MnM managed to overcome Reason’s CT defence and ended the second map 16 rounds to 14.

De_cache saw a similar result to that of the first map de_dust2 with Reason again playing a very strong T-Side. MnM did answer back with an equally strong T-side, however they had the momentum halted after being denied their 9th round with a ninja defuse leaving the map at a score of 8 rounds to 16.

MnM have been eliminated down to the Lower Quarter Finals and cannot afford to lose anymore matches if they are to contend for the top spot.

Map 1: de_dust2

Full Time: 10-16

Map 2: de_overpass

Full Time: 16-14

Map 3: de_cache

Full Time: 8-16

Next Match: Molotovs and Marshmallows Vs. LEAVEITYEAH

Lower Quarter Finals

Molotovs and Marshmallows




Lower Considelation 2

Molotovs and Marshmallows




MnM started off with a very dominant CT side on de_overpass with a very aggressive approach to their setup which paid off very well. Many of the rounds saw the MnM side pick off one or two players within the first 30 seconds of the round which set the tone for the first half. The MnM side gained managed to gain 11 rounds to 4 rounds with the last four rounds lost when Rasta’s momentum started to pick up. However this momentum was stopped when MnM took the pistol round on T-side managing to secure the first map with 16 rounds to 4.

MnM started again on the CT side on de_mirage, however the team was not able to dominate like they did on Overpass losing the pistol round and the next four after that. The momentum began to pick up again after securing their first round, but this did not last long leaving the first half of the map at the score of 6 rounds to 9. Typically Mirage is considered a CT sided map and a score of 10 rounds or more is expected. This put the game in a more tense atmosphere as it would be definitely be a close match if MnM were to win especially considering they were playing on the T side for the second half. Fortunately the team play strongly with well executed strats leading them to take the second map with 16 rounds to 12.

Map 1 : de_overpass

Half Time: 11-4

Full Time: 16-4

Map 2: de_mirage

Half Time: 6-9

Full time: 16-12

Next Match: Molotovs and Marshmallows Vs. Perilous.CSGOBOLT.COM

Lower Semi Final

Molotovs and Marshmallows



Map 1 : de_dust2

Half Time: 9-6 (T side)

Full Time:16-14

Map 2 : de_overpass

Half Time: 7-8 (CT side)

Full Time:14-16

Map 3 : de_cobble

Half Time: 2-13

Full Time:2-16