ESL TM CPS 15 Play offs Coverage Hub

by Kalvin Chung / Jul 20, 2015
ESL TM CPS 15 Play offs Coverage Hub

Welcome to the ESL Trackmania Competition Premiership Season 15 Playoffs coverage hub.

The Playoffs gives teams who may have had an unlucky start to the season another chance to take the top spot and be declared Champions for the season. Only the top four teams from Division 1 are eligible which means that MnM who managed to squeeze the fourth place spot towards the end of season 15 have qualified for the playoffs.

The teams in the playoffs (listed from first to fourth) are:

  • Team Dignitas
  • Planetkey-Dynamics
  • Team Easykiller (Easy.eSports)
  • Molotovs and Marshmallows

Since Team Dignitas placed 1st at the end of the season meaning they automatically qualify for the playoff finals and Planetkey-Dynamics placed in Semi-finals. It will be an uphill battle for MnM as the team will have to beat each team in order to claim first place.

Time & Dates

  • MnM Vs Easy.eSports 19/07/15 21:00 (CET)
  • MnM Vs Planetkey-Dynamics 21/07/15 20:00 (CET)
  • Team Dignitas Vs MnM/Planetkey-Dynamics 26/07/15 20:00 (CET)

Timings and dates are subject to change as either teams may alter them to accommodate the best possible time. We will update this information as soon as we have been informed of any changes.


Click here to find the standings.


Games will be broadcasted by Joachim “xxrider” Andersen on his Twitch Channel.

Watch live video from xxrider on

Update 16:40 GMT 20/07/2015

MnM won 4-2 vs Team Easykiller tonight losing the 5v5 with 7-3 but dominating the other submatches with the team winning them scoring 7-1, 5-1 and 7-2. MnM will be set to face Planetkey-Dynamics in the Semi-final’s of the playoffs!.

Update 10:00 GMT 21/07/2015

According to the ESL match-page and PlanetKey’s post, the match against Planetkey-Dynamics will played 21/07/2015 at 20:00 CET with Team Acer’s frostBeule casting. Here is his twitch link:

Watch live video from frostBeule on

Update 22:00 GMT 21/07/2015

After winning 4-0 against PlanetKey Dynamics we will face against the powerhouse that is, Team Dignitas. The finals will be posted and updated when a time and date is known.

We had high hopes coming into this match versus Planetkey Dynamics, as always our matches are very close and entertaining and so it was this one! Close rounds, discconect’s all what a good match needs but in the end constancy over the tracks prevailed. Now Team Dignitas awaits us again in the final and we hope that will go very differently than our final in Trackmania Masters.

Andrei Air Ramneantu – Manager & Player

Update 15:50 GMT 22/07/2015

In light of the MnM Trackmania team making it to finals of the ESL CPS 15 Playoffs a brief overview of the competitive Trackmania scene seen below.You will be able to see a list of major online events and the teams that took first place over the past three years.

ESL Competition Premiership Season 15 TBD
Trackmania Masters Team Cup 15 Team Dignitas
ESL Competition Premiership Season 14 Team Dignitas
Stadium Team Championship 10 Team Acer
ESL Competition Premiership Season 13 Team Dignitas
Trackmania Masters Team Cup 14 Team Dignitas
ESL Competition Premiership Season 12 Team Dignitas
TMT 2013 Team Acer
ESL Competition Premiership Season 11 Team Acer
Trackmania Masters Team Cup 13 Team Dignitas
ESL Competition Premiership Season 10 Team Dignitas
Stadium Team Championship 9 Team Dignitas
TMT 2012 Team Acer
ESL Major Series Season 10 Team Dignitas
Trackmania Masters Team Cup 13
ESL Major Series Season 9 Mythix

As we can see Team Dignitas and Team Acer have been a very dominant force in the Trackmania Scene. Both teams collectively claim 87% of the online majors. With the finals coming closer and closer it begs the question “Will Team Dignitas be dethroned?”. The answer to that question can be seen this Sunday at 20:00 CET where an exciting match awaits. For updates on the streams and more information on the tournament make sure to keep checking this update hub on a regular basis.

Before I finish I’d like to give credit to Razor who took the time to gather the information regarding the tournaments and team placements.

Update 9:00 GMT 16/07/2015

The grand final of ESL Trackmania‘s CPS #15 between MnM and Team Dignitas is Sunday 26th 2015 at 20:00 CET.

English streams:

French stream is provided by eXceptionTV:
German stream by Stubby TV: