ESWC Trackmania Coverage Hub

by Daniel 'Javelin' Chung / Oct 30, 2015
ESWC Trackmania Coverage Hub

Welcome to MnM’s coverage hub for ESWC’s Trackmania Tournament. If you’ve been following our social media channels closely no doubt you will have seen that two players are at ESWC representing MnM in the Trackmania Tournament! Fabian “Beat” Kuhn and Martin “Kappa” Krompolc are in Paris Porte De Versailles competing against the world’s best Trackmania players to well and truly say they are the top player.

The tournament will be run through the weekend in a double elimination format. For those unfamiliar with the format it means if you are to a match you are eliminated from the winners bracket to the lower bracket. Players who lose two matches are then eliminated which essentially allows players two chances in order to reach the finals.

The schedule for the tournament is as follows.


Day 1

At the time of writing the first round of the winners bracket has already (results shown below)Winner-Bracket-round-1

We can see some really tight matches where the difference between qualification and elimination comes to the matter of a few points indicating that competition is absolutely fierce. Kappa has managed to top his match with 103 points qualifying for the second round of the winners bracket into a game that will surely be tighter. Beat had unfortunately missed qualifying to the second round of the winner’s bracket by just a couple points, but not all is over for him yet as he still has a chance in the lower bracket shown below.


Kappa playing in the Winners Bracket 2nd Round.


For a list of streams and information the ESWC Trackmania tournament page can be seen here.

It’s been pointed out that I have missed out a crucial aspect with regards to the matches at ESWC which is the Finalist mode . A player doesn’t automatically qualify once he hits 100 points instead finalist mode is activated. Once it is activated it means that in order to qualify that player will have to win a single round afterwards in order to be a secure the top spots for that match. Therefore this allows other players to have the chance to become catchup and join finalists which creates some really intense rounds as seen from Kappa’s Winner’s bracket Semi Final match.

Many thanks to Antoine Cousin for stepping up and pointing out the error.20151030085017

Beat shows off his new jersey.

Day 2

Day 2 of the tournament started off with the first rounds of the lower bracket finals where both Beat had been eliminated down to from the previous day. Beat won his match and advanced to the Lower Bracket Semi Final where he joined up with team mate Kappa in what would no doubt have been an exciting match especially with only two spots available for the Lower Final. Unfortunately Beat did not manage to take a qualifying spot finished the event in 8th-12th position. Kappa took the winning spot and advanced to the Lower Bracket Final.


Moving into the Lower Bracket Final Kappa faced stiff competition against players from organisations such as Team Acer, Team Dignitas and Mouzsports. After long day fatigue had hit the players but the difference in their skill was as fine as a hair where each player had showcased exactly why they were in the Lower Final. In the end it came down to consistency with Kappa taking the lead with some incredibly fast lap times earning the top spot and advancing through to the Lower Consolidation Final. The Consolidation final will be played tomorrow morning.


Kappa and Beat analysing Kappa’s last game in preparation for the match tomorrow.