Fonkers retires from professional Rainbow 6

by Kalvin Chung / Sep 15, 2021
Fonkers retires from professional Rainbow 6

We are saddened to announce that Aku “Fonkers” Seppä will retire from competitive and professional play in Rainbow 6 Siege. Fonkers started his career in MNM in OCT 2018 and nearly 3 years later he has poetically decided to retire.

I would like to thank you all for making my dream come true for the past 3 years, it’s been an amazing journey but unfortunately it has to come to an end. During last summer I realized how much I valued other aspects of my life, as esports was affecting my mental and physical health in a bad way. I decided its best for me and my health to take an indefinite break from competing and focus on my studies & other aspects of life outside of gaming.

Aku Fonkers Seppä

Fonkers has not been shy from success in Rainbow 6 having been crowned UK Champion, Vegas Minor Champion, EU Challenger League 2020 Champion and even played in the highest tier known to European R6, the formerly known Pro League. His most prestigious achievement, while under Team Secret, was finishing 3-4th in the Six Major Raleigh 2019. Fonkers originally departed MNM in Feb 2019 to join Team Secret with much success, consistently being bonkers and putting 100% in each of his games. He later returned to MNM in May 2020 where he played the remainder of his professional career.

We are proud to see him grow as an individual and develop as a professional player across his career. We hope the community join us in wishing him success in this academic career and thank him for all the effort and bonkers plays he has given the Rainbow 6 community.

We will have announcements in the near future about roster changes. The current starting roster is as follows:
Leon neLo Pesic
Luke Tyrant Casey
Josh Yuzus Pritchard