Insomnia 55 : CSGO Coverage

by Daniel 'Javelin' Chung / Aug 31, 2015
Insomnia 55 : CSGO Coverage

With the end of iSeries drawing near here is a small report for the Molotovs and Marshmallows CSGO mix team. The team featured core members VertiGo, aqua and b3n and guest members Steel and Kryptix.

Day 1


The first day of the CS:GO tournament opened with the group stages with the largest number of participants to date. Eighty teams sought the top spot and to get there was no easy task. Out of 16 groups only the top two from each would make it through to the elimination stage meaning 48 teams of the 80 would be eliminated. The MnM CSGO team were given the 4th seed meaning the team was expected to reach the final stages of the tournament. MnM were able to win all games by a large margin and made it through to the elimination stage of the tournament.


Roma “aqua” Parramore practicing hard


  • MnM 16-0 Plopdoo
  • MnM 16-7 hain b’s
  • MnM 16-2 Vexed.uK
  • MnM 16-1 skiditas

Day 2

The second day saw the start of the elimination stages. The double elimination format coupled with BO1 matches for the Round of 32 and Round of 16 left little room for error as any fatal errors would lead to elimination down to the lower brackets. However the MnM side performed strongly beating a mix team and Perilous Fury by a large margin (see above). The matches began to become intense when MnM reached the Quarter Finals playing against the 5th seed team CeX. MnM took the first map against the CeX side with a very close second game on Overpass where the MnM team brought the score back to 16 rounds to 14 from a 5 round deficit after the first half. The semi final game against the 1st seed team EZSKINS was going to always be a challenging games where despite the 2-0 loss on maps the MnM team persevered to give EZSKINS a difficult time. However the MnM team was eliminated to the lower bracket.


Tom “VertiGo” Rockliffe

Initially MnM was to face Reason Gaming in the lower bracket semi final, however there had been reports of controversy surrounding the ordeal which saw the higher seeded sides to face each other earlier than intended. Therefore the MnM side took on Choke Gaming which was again going to be a difficult game since the Choke side have a strong teamwork chemistry over a relatively long period of time in the scene. Choke took two maps against MnM and the team were knocked out of the tournament finishing a highly commendable 5th-6th for a mix team.

For final standings click here.

Final Words

I’d like thank all our fans for taking the time to support our teams and organisation and a big special thank you to Kryptix and an even bigger thank you for steel who came all the way from America to play at iSeries.