Insomnia Series 56 LoL Coverage Hub

by Daniel 'Javelin' Chung / Dec 11, 2015
Insomnia Series 56 LoL Coverage Hub

The final UK LAN event of the year has arrived with the 56th iteration of Multiplay’s Insomnia Series being hosted for the first time at the Birmingham NEC. The past couple months have been seemingly quiet for MnM in terms of competing, however our League of Legends team has been busy practising hard to gain a podium finish at the final event this year.

The line-up attending the event is as follows:

(UK) Sam “Artorias” Willis – Top | Twitter
(UK) Reece “Nocturnal Plex” Hall – Jungle | Twitter
(UK) Callum “HalfPastThor” Headley – Mid | Twitter
(UK) Tom “SmokeyLemon” Griffiths – AD Carry | Twitter
(UK) Tom “Prosfair” Willis – Support | Twitter

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About The Tournament

Team Size: 5
Maximum Teams: 128
Registered Teams: 17
Start Date: Friday, 11th December
End Date: Sunday, 13th December
Prize Pool: £5000
1st: £2,500
2nd: £1,000
3rd: £600
4th: £300
5th-8th: £150
Live Stream: Multiplay_LoL

Click here for more detailed tournament information at Multiplay.

With the closing of the registration a finalised number of 19 teams have been entered into the tournament most notably; Choke Gaming, Team uPro and Terracotta Army (TCA). Given the number teams and the absence of certain teams, such as FM eSports and Team Infused, MnM have a strong chance to gain a podium finish. However it still will not be an easy task as Choke, TCA and uPro will be able to pose strong competition. Choke Gaming despite having a full roster change shortly before the beginning of the event are still fielding what can be described as an all star UK line-up with three members previously representing Choke at Four Nations where they were crowned champions. Terracotta Army is a seasoned team in the ESL UK Premiership with consistently strong placings at LAN which no doubt will carry through at i56. Finally Team uPro are a Portuguese team who no doubt have travelled far to attend i56 where only a win will make it worthwhile.

No doubt there will be many exciting games to watch, we hope that our fans will be able to join us in supporting our teams. Do check back here for the team’s progress in the League of Legends tournament as well as an inside perspective of i56.

Day 1

MnM’s first game against Team Red Dragon is going to be streamed! Click here to watch.

MnM decisively take their first win against Team Red Dragon demonstrating at the same time that they have what it takes to challenge the top teams. (Screenshot below).


MnM have won their second game against pLague Gaming securing the likelihood of advancing through to the Double Elimination Stage (Screenshot below).


MnM have won their third game against The Peoples carry, securing the likelihood of advancing through to the Double Elimination Stage. (Screenshot below).


MnM have won their fourth game against Dota is Better leaving the team unbeaten in the group stages and top of their group and advancing them to the Double Elimination Stage of the tournament where they will face Group 2’s 2nd place team. (Screenshot below).


Day 2
Upper Bracket Quarter Final

After advancing through to the double elimination round the MnM LoL team faced Peak Tings in the Upper Bracket Quarter Final taking the first map (results below). Due to technical issues the second match of the game ended prematurely with a replay to be scheduled, however Peak Tings instead had decided to forfeit the game giving MnM 2 maps to 0.


Upper Bracket Semi Final

Advancing on to the Upper bracket Semi-Finals the team was set to face the Portuguese team UPRO. The team that had previously beaten MnM in the online qualifiers as well as having a second place seed.In the first game MnM took a very convincing lead over UPRO with a significant gold lead, however UPRO had the advantage in the objectives by taking more towers. This obviously led to less information becoming available to the MnM side allowing UPRO to close the gap. Eventually they were able to capitalise on the closed gap and secured the first match for themselves (results below).


After a short break the second game commenced with MnM taking a more cautious mentality in addition to banning Rek’sai and Kalista from the previous game. Whether these changes would work seemed very uncertain at the beginning of the second game, however the changes did pay off with MnM able to slide ahead and take the second game.


With both teams having a map each under their belts, the final match was a make or break moment for either teams as the result would dictate the rest of the tournament for either side. MnM had carried their momentum from the previous match and were able to win the game more convincingly taking 10 towers in total before knocking UPRO out of the Upper Bracket.