NLC Division 1 Qualifier Roster

by Daniel 'Javelin' Chung / Oct 01, 2021
NLC Division 1 Qualifier Roster

We recently announced that we were accepted to compete in the NLC Division 1 Qualifer. We’re happy to announce our roster for the upcoming tournament which will contain some familiar names from our UKLC Summer 2021 roster.

Daniel had the following words to say about the roster:

It’s great to be competing for the NLC Division 1. I’m confident that our roster can make it far and cause some upsets along the way.

Daniel Javelin Chung, Co founder

The players on the roster:
Top | Harry Akkers Akrill
Jungle | William Sn1lle Andersson
Mid | Corey Beeley Beeley
ADC | Josip Jopa Čančar
Support | Mladen Cl0x Mitíc

Sub ADC | Abdulaziz Dante Sukkar

MNM NLC Division 1 Qualifier Team (From left to right): Akkers, Sn1lle, Beeley, Jopa, Cl0x

Supporting them:
Head Coach | Luka Panj Čiča
Assistant Coach | Marvin Seraphya Uebing
Head Analyst | Michael Milo Maurer
Analyst | Daniel Yetz West
Analyst | Claudio Claudio Chircop

Team Manager | James Swordy Moseley
Team Manager | Jonas Fresh Bertig

Supporting Staff (From top left to bottom right): Kalkal, Swordy, Fresh, Javelin, Yetz, Milo, Panj, Seraphya, Claudio