NLC Spring 2022 Roster

by Daniel 'Javelin' Chung / Jan 10, 2022
NLC Spring 2022 Roster

Last year we were given the opportunity to compete through the NLC Calibration Phase Qualifiers. After an undefeated run through the lower brackets we made it through to NLC Division 1. Finally, we’re happy to announce our roster for the NLC Spring 2022 split.

I’m looking forward to the season ahead. I fully believe that we have a strong roster with great staff behind them to support them every step of the way.

Daniel Javelin Chung, Co-founder

Welcome our NLC Spring 2022 Division 1 Roster
Petr Bobista Fotjik | Top
Szymon Kanna Kawęcki | Jungle
Linus RoyalKanin Grönlund | Mid
Kevin Mishigu Westerbacka | AD Carry
Riccardo Dr Chaos Mann | Support
Daniel DeathByLollipops Christian-Lau | Sub Top
Abdulaziz DanteNypd Sukkar | Sub AD Carry

Markus ikkine Heikkinen | Head Coach
Tash Tasha Hill-Tout | Assistant Coach
Fabian Glupanda von Riegen| Positional Coach
Daniel Yetz West | Head Analyst
Joonas Ceethru Jutila | Analyst
Hamza Demise Mnihou | Analyst
Noah Soulstice Nicholls | Manager

You can find the full match schedule here.
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