Pac and Spammiej Duo ZrT Cup 2022

by Kalvin Chung / Apr 23, 2022
Pac and Spammiej Duo ZrT Cup 2022

The Zerator Trackmania Cup 2022 was announced on April 10 2022 with 3 phases where the 8 best teams of 2 will go to play at the LAN finals in Bercy, Paris.
Mapping: April 11 – May 8
Online Qualifiers: May 14 – 15
LAN finals.: 4 June

Pac came 2nd the last time he competed in the ZrT Cup in 2019 and he is coming back for blood to take home first place. His duo will be his ex teammate and world champion, Tim SpammieJ Lunenburg.

Ever since the last Zerator Duo Cup Pac and I were keen on playing again in the future. What a better fitting moment than teaming up for this years cup which is the biggest iteration to date! It will be a very hard challenge to qualify but I know that if we both give it our best, we can definitely have a good chance at qualifying for Bercy.


This has been a long time coming, trying to qualify for Bercy with one of my best mates! We’ll give it our all but it is time to carry Spam again in another team tournament.