Race into Trackmania!

by Kalvin Chung / Jul 03, 2015
Race into Trackmania!

Today we are excited to announce that MnM has acquired the well known veteran Trackmania team “Funteam”. We have been discussing with Funteam for some time now proposing the possibility of working together so that we can help support their activities and ambitions. The team will be looking to attend the Electronic Sports World Championships (ESWC) with a bid to take a top finish and much more in the coming future.

Kalvin “kalkal” Chung had this to say.

Firstly I’d like to formally welcome everyone in the team. The manager, Air, and I have been talking for several months now in an attempt to find common ground. I am truly happy to see FunTeam join MnM and I can see us growing and moving forward together.


Joachim “Rider” Andersen co-leader for the team has released this statement.

After a long and very emotional ride, we finally found our home with MnM-Gaming, a more welcoming and organisation that’s understanding about our situation is what was unique about them. We are really looking forward to this partnership, hoping to give our team and their organisation a new dimension, and achieving our goals together.

The team roster consists of the following players:

Andrei “Air” Ramneantu (Romania)

Cosmin “Nevermind” Mihalcea (Romania)

Joachim “xxrider” Andersen (Denmark)

Team Members
Tomas “Kulvis” S. (Lithuania)
Mindaugas “Etu” Garnys (Lithuania)
Manuel “habi” Blesa (Spain)
Marcel “Marcel” Rauch (Germany)
Fabian “beat” Kühn (Germany)
Oliver “Revii” Leupold (Germany)
Finn “Revolution” Bücklers (Germany)
Sebastian “Kinch” Hermansen (Denmark)
Lukas “Zerd” Matocha (Czech Republic)
Martin “Kappa” Krompolc (Czech Republic)
František “šerif” Šerý (Czech Republic)
Tiago “Default” Silva (Portugal)

Since its inception Funteam have made a big impact in the competitive Trackmania scene with an impressive track record shown below.

Team Achievments:

Trackmania Masters Hotrod CUP – Quarter Finals
Trackmania Tournament 2010 – Playoffs
Stadium Teams Championships 2010 (STC 7) – Playoffs
Trackmania Masters xT Edition 2010-2011 – Playoffs
Trackmania Tournament 2011 – Playoffs
Trackmania Masters 2012 – Playoffs
Competition Premierships Season 10 Division 2: 1 st place
Trackmania Masters 2013 – Playoffs
Stadium Teams Championships – Playoffs
Competition Premierships Season 11 Division 1: 5th Place
Competition Premierships Season 12 Division 2: 1 st Place
Stadium Teams Championships 2014 – Quarter Finals
Trackmania Masters 2014: Quarter Finals
Competition Premierships Season 13 Division 1: 5 th Place
Iml Team cup: Group Winner (Cup ceased after group stages)
Team’s EDRM Invitational Team Cup: 2 nd place
Competition Premierships Season 14 Division 1: 7 th place
Competition Premierships Season 14 Division 3: 2 nd place
Trackmania Masters Team Cup 2015 – 2 nd place


TrackMania Nations Forever 1on1 EMS IV Qualifier – 3rd By Air
TrackMania Nations Forever 1on1 EMS 6 Qualifier RO – 2nd By Air
ESL RO Winter Cup – 1st by Air
WCG National Qualifier – 1st by Air
WCG Samsung Euro Championchips – Top 10 by Air
Npf Lan Party 2012 and 2013 – 1 st and 2 nd by Serbi and xxRider
Npf Lan Party 2014 – 2 nd place by xxRider
True Talent Cup #16: 1 st place by Habi
ESWC 2014 – By xxRider
Open Gaming Series: 3 rd place by Habi
ESL Go4TM Cup #6 – 3 rd place by Revolution
True Talent Cup #29 – 3 rd place by Habi
True Talent Cup #30 – 1 st place by Beat
ESL Go4TM Cup #12 – 3 rd place by Serif
ESL Go4TM February Final – 2 nd place by Serif
True Talent Cup #34 – 2 nd place by Zerd

We are honoured that Funteam have chosen to put their trust and faith into MnM and hope that this is the start of a strong partnership.


(Andrei “Air” Ramneantu @ World Cyber Games Berlin 2010)

About Competitive Trackmania

Over the past 10 years Trackmania has been and still is one of the most popular online racing games, with Trackmania ESWC (Esports World Cup) event being the first to be held in a Stadium environment back in 2006. The game is present in LAN events around the world, but the biggest and highest achievable is the ESWC Grand Finale in Paris. The game has been through some changes over the years, but has maintained its fundamental mechanics. The competitive scene moved into the non free to play, Trackmania 2 Stadium back in 2013 in line with the 12th edition of the ESL Premiership. This resulted in the game taking a big hit in the player count. The competitive scene today is however, looking strong as ever; with a huge amount of teams registering for online and solo tournaments packed full with competitors. The tournaments always attract a great number of viewers on twitch, which continues to grow, especially during team cups. With all this the game is still looking to have a strong future in eSports. Trackmania has a long history with many teams competing over the past 10 years of eSports. The main teams that can be found in the scene today are Team Dignitas, Team Acer, Planetkey-Dynamics, Against All Authority, AT-Gaming, BX3, Lioncast and as of today, MnM Gaming.

For a more visual representation of what Trackmania is all about click below to watch this extraordinary Trackmania montage made by their very own Lukas “Zerd” Matocha featuring Funteam at ESL CPS XIV.