Rainbow 6 Bootcamp at XLHQ for Berlin Major

by Kalvin Chung / Aug 05, 2022
Rainbow 6 Bootcamp at XLHQ for Berlin Major

MNM recently qualified for the Six Major Berlin 2022, a Rainbow 6 tournament with a $500,000 prize pool and 16 of the best teams from around the world competing to be crowned champions.

We’ve been a staple of UK Rainbow 6 Siege, with half of the EUL teams having ex-MNM players and we’re proud to have seen many British players have MNM part of their journey. Our goal is to give the best opportunity for players and to promote and improve the Siege ecosystem.


We’re delighted to announce our first R6 Bootcamp at EXCEL ESPORTS (XL) to prepare for the Berlin Major. XL is a UK esports team, promoting and elevating the UK ecosystem. It is through this shared vision of building a better industry that has connected us together. XL will be providing our Rainbow 6 team a space to practice, review and prepare in their London HQ.

EXCEL ESPORTS is pleased to host the MNM Gaming R6 team in XLHQ for their bootcamp. Officially opened in May with a smashing party, XLHQ is a place for the British esports community, our partners and also professional esports teams that need state-of-the-art facilities to prepare under optimal conditions. We look forward to having the team here and supporting them in their quest for the top place at the Berlin Major!

Wouter Sleijffers | CEO of EXCEL ESPORTS

Sustainability and growth is always in my mind when addressing the esports industry. This is a great example of how teams can work together to build a better future for players, creators and teams.

Kalvin Chung | CEO of MNM Gaming

Header Image Credit: Ubisoft / Joao F.