Rainbow 6 Team Update

by Daniel 'Javelin' Chung / Jan 04, 2023
Rainbow 6 Team Update

Main Team: Nafe Returns, Neo Departs

We're happy to announce that Nathan 'Nafe' Sharp has rejoined MNM. Nathan will be joining the main roster and will be competing with us at this year's Six Invitational 2023 at Place Bell, Montreal. With Nafe joining the main lineup, we will sadly see the departure of Callum 'Neo' Humphreys. We have ultimately decided to give Callum flexibility and freedom and allowed him to explore his options for the 2023 season as a free agent.

Callum Neo Humphreys has made great achievements during his time at MNM and continued to build on our legacy in Rainbow 6. We wish him all the best and hope that we meet again in the future.

Daniel Javelin Chung

Academy Team: Nick2k Joins, Wild and Jaiilo Depart

Rainbow 6 scene and launch our Academy team. Today we're happy to announce the Nikolas 'NNN1CK' Leinonen and Jarkko 'Jaksu' Rajala will be joining our academy roster into the 2023 season. With the addition of NNN1CK and Jaksu we will sadly see the departure of Jaiilo, wild and Scandal who joined the Academy team for the successful qualification into EU Challenger League and group stages. 

Updated Rosters

Main Team
Leon 'neLo' Pesic
Luke 'Tyrant' Casey
Josh 'Yuzus' Pritchard
Fatih 'Solotov' Turker
Nathan 'Nafe' Sharp

Loic 'Eden' Sennepin
Rostyslav 'Archer' Holoshchuck

Academy Team
Josh 'Nerf' Frost
Iikka 'Erkkari' Anttila
Dennis 'Relaxing' Meindl
Nikolas 'NNN1CK' Leinonen
Jarkko 'Jaksu' Rajala

Jonathan 'Jok3r' Paarsch