'Skiddy' Transfers to NAVI R6

by Kalvin Chung / May 23, 2022
'Skiddy' Transfers to NAVI R6

We always believe in giving players the best platform to better themselves and take them to new heights. In April 2022 we announced our Academy Rainbow 6 team with this very goal in mind and today we are delighted to see one of our Academy players moving up to compete in EUL.

Jamie ‘Skiddy‘ Diamond will be joining our long standing UK friends, NAVI for EUL Stage 2. Skiddy has been competing in the Northern Premier League under MNM for nearly 2 months, but he has made his mark in such a short time by being a powerhouse in fragging.

I am really happy for Skiddy, he’s got a lot of talent and I know he will continue his success especially since he is with good friends at NAVI.


The NPL season doesn’t start until Jun 14 2022, and in the mean time we will look for players to fill the role that Skiddy has left.