StarCraft 2 for epic.LAN

by Kalvin Chung / Nov 16, 2014
StarCraft 2 for epic.LAN

It has nearly been a year since MnM had officially launched and appeared at our first event in February. We have always believed that passion in gaming is what drives the community and eSport scene forward. However it is evident with iSeries no longer providing for StarCraft 2 and epic.LAN close to dropping it ealier this year, that the passion and effort put in by players and the scene is not being fully utilised. We have always looked to support Starcraft players but have never found the opportunity or strength to, until now. We hope that supporting these players to go to epic.LAN will ensure the StarCraft 2 competitive scene lives on.

The roster consists of players from all over Europe, and many years of experience backing them up:

Aicy (Zerg)
Mix (Zerg)
PoultryPouch (Terran)
Veni (Terran)
Luppa (Zerg)
MangO (Zerg)16
Zerton (Terran)
Krootie (Terran)

I spoke to Aicy before and he is happy to represent MnM in the upcoming epic.14 LAN. We wish the entire team the best of luck in the future and we are even more excited for epic.14.

Here are some achievements of Aicy and Mix combined:

epic12 – 3rd
epic13 – 2nd & 4th
QCON 21 1st