Trackmania 2: Stadium - Thank You

by Kalvin Chung / Jul 01, 2020
Trackmania 2: Stadium - Thank You

Trackmania has been part of the MNM journey for many years and we’ve achieved a lot with the support of the community and dedicated of our team in Trackmania 2: Stadium. The Ubisoft Nadeo supported Trackmania Grand League brought a new era of support and structure to the scene and we’re excited with their continued support for the new Trackmania game.

The Trackmania Grand League or TMGL is the new ecosystem that pits the best 16 players from around the world against each other in week after week of non stop racing.

It was last year when we announced the world champion Pac joined our ranks and represented us in the TMGL Grand Finals. This marked a big step for MNM as we continued to increase our support for the Trackmania community and we can’t wait to carry on that support.


Placement Organiser Date
1 TMO Ranking 2018 – 2019
1 CPS 20 DEC 2020
1 NTL Season 1 FEB 2019


Placement Organiser PLAYER Date
1 From Zero to Hero – Revival Pac APR 2020
1 True Talent Cup #90 Speedy OCT 2017
2 GameWard Duo Pac MAY 2020
3-4 ZrT Trackmania LAN ReVoLuTioN JUN 2019

We can’t thank all the players who represented us from xRider, Kappa, Beat, Eger, Nevermind, Speedy to more recent additions of Kawi or Pac. This extends to the amazing community members representing us such as Shortz who has won Trackmania video maker of the year countless times and we’re fortunate to have such a strong Trackmania team and community behind us.

We’ve definitely had our ups and downs in the Trackmania community but I am delighted to have had Trackmania 2 Stadium part of MNM. I can’t wait to support Trackmania in more ways than we have before and show the world we can and will be the best.

Kalvin KalKal Chung | Director