by Kalvin Chung / Nov 19, 2020

Trackmania 2020 brought out a breath of fresh air in the Trackmania community. New game, new track of the day, esport club systems and so much more. We saw this as a new era for us with our spot in the TMGL and the new MNM Car skin, and we believe in the Trackmania ecosystem being built by Ubisoft Nadeo.

We’re delighted to announce a Trackmania (2020) team outside of TMGL which will compete in various tournaments to build a platform for players to develop their skills. Please welcome the players to MNM:

Alex Speedy Köllner
Thomas Skadi Bouquignaud
Kevin kev Saes
Carpenostra Cancar
Cosmin Nevermind Mihalcea
Audric CruZial Pichon
Razer Penna
Leandro Maximiliano
Kaal Juarez
Habi Blesa
Lucas Z1row

We’ve been trialing and finding the best up and coming talent in the past few months. We wanted to create this team to continue our support for Trackmania and give players a platform to grow and compete in TM. After showing promising results in the recent ALM Cup, we are happy to solidify our roster going into CPS 22.

Speedy & Nevermind | Team Captains

Trackmania is a large and diverse community and supporting players is incredibly important for us. This is why we’ve decided to pick up 2 racing players who focus more on Trackmania 2 Canyon and sim racing. TM2 Canyon is a variation of the game that focuses on different tracks that centre in a Canyon instead of a stadium.

Marco Gusdal Yogosun Ostojic is a talented player hailing from Norway and has been a Trackmania player since 2019. Although he is relatively new to the scene he already holds some world records in Canyon.

Riley Smiley Gerster hails from Canada and has been playing Trackmania for many years but that is not where it ends for him. He competed for hundreds of thousands in Worlds Fastest Gamer 2019. Sim Racing is where we will see Smiley competing.

World's Fastest Gamer 2019 Finals La Rooftop Race
Smiley in Worlds Fastest Gamer 2019
Credit: The Race