UKLC Summer 2021

by Daniel 'Javelin' Chung / Jun 05, 2021
UKLC Summer 2021

We all know you’ve been waiting for this announcement so that you can go and make the UK’s infamous tier lists without leaking rosters. You’ll see some familiar faces from our UKLC Summer 2020 roster who are back to break the UKLC curse and push the team forward into the Telia Masters.

The players on this seasons roster:
Top | Adam Eragon Harney
Jungle | Justin Gaduniker Tan
Mid | Antoine Vango Tinguely
ADC | Josip Jopa Čančar
Support | Mladen Cl0x Mitíc

Sub ADC | Abdulaziz Dante Sukkar

Supporting them:
Head Coach | Luka Panj Čiča
Head Analyst | Michael Milo Maurer
Analyst | Daniel Yetz West
Analyst | Claudio Claudio Chircop

Be kind with us on the tier lists please, love the MNM team.

Eragon, Gaduniker, Vango, Jopa, Cl0x