Welcome Julio

by Howe Sheun Chung / Feb 28, 2023
Welcome Julio

We're excited to announce that Julio "Julio" Giacomelli will be joining MNM as Head Coach. Julio is a highly decorated Rainbow Six Siege player having lifted Sledges prestigious hammer at the Six Invitational 2021 under NIP. More recently, after a strong run through the upper brackets, Julio reached the grand finals of the Six Invitationals 2023.

Julio looks to bring his experience as a player as a coach and had the following thoughts about joining MNM:

It will be a very incredible experience to work in another region with people from different countries/cultures, especially in a rising team like MNM. I will keep practicing and improving upon my bad English as well, kkkk. Will and determination will not be lacking in this project and I thank everyone for their support <3 - Julio 'Julio' Giacomelli

Será uma experiência muito incrível trabalhar em outra região com pessoas de outros países/culturas, ainda por cima num time em ascensão como a MnM. Praticando e melhorando meu inglês ruim ainda por cima, bom demais kkkk. Vontade e determinação não vão faltar. Espero a torcida de todos <3 - Julio 'Julio' Giacomelli

During the Six Invitational 2023 MNM saw a flawless performance in the group stages to fall short of playing on the big stage in Place Bell, Montreal. Daniel 'Javelin' Chung had the following words to say about Julio joining MNM:

I'm excited to have one of the greats in Brazilian Siege join us as Head Coach. Our performance at the Six Invitationals has shown hints of what our current roster could achieve. I'm confident that Julio can bring out the full potential and hopefully lift the hammer next year - Daniel 'Javelin' Chung

The addition of Julio to the main team will see Loic 'Eden' Sennepin retaking his role as Head Analyst and sadly the departure of Rostyslav 'ArcherOmix' Holoshchuk. The lineup of our main roster has been updated below:

Leon 'neLo' Pesic
Luke 'Tyrant' Casey
Josh 'Yuzus' Pritchard
Fatih 'Solotov' Turker
Nathan 'Nafe' Sharp

Julio 'Julio' Giacomelli (Head Coach)
Loic '
Eden' Sennepin (Head Analyst / Assistant Coach)